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Doubleclick (Double Click Design and Print CIC)

Double Click become a Climate Action Workforce

It’s hard to turn on the television or browse online now without coming across stories about the impact of human activity on our planet. From record heatwaves to flooding, wildfires to disappearing glaciers, there are very worrying developments happening right in front of our eyes.

For many of us, it is difficult to know how to respond and what we can do to help. Like many businesses, becoming more environmentally sustainable is important to us, and we are taking steps to reduce the impact our business has on the planet.

We will soon be creating our very own Carbon Reduction Policy and Plan for Double Click, but in the mean time we have also partnered up with the fantastic Ecologi to fund carbon reduction projects around the globe.

Together we are stronger, that’s why we believe in collective action. Add your business to Ecologi today.