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Equipped for Life exhibition

Equipped for Life exhibition

Equipped for Life is an innovative photographic project which offers a visual insight into the lives of ex-armed forces personnel in transition to their civilian life.

Double Click were recently involved with creating a number of promotional items, including banners, A board and brochures (right), and invite you to visit the exhibition this weekend.

Following a private event on Friday, this very special exhibition will be open to the public on the morning of Saturday 23rd June 2018 only, at the Dolphin Public House, 88 High Street, Mold.

The exhibition is a creative way to bring a research report ‘to life’. Veterans in the study portray five common phrases used to explain transition and through a partnership with this photographer and in conversation with each of the featured participants, these phrases were acknowledged and interpreted individually. A process of transition has therefore been depicted by revealing through imagery what they identified as significant from both their military and civilian identity.

“Moving forward” Skills and strategies required to gain recognition in the civilian community are not easily transferred.

“Putting down roots” Expectations and concessions required for day to day responsibility opposed to the familiarity of moving around.

“Changing pace” Prioritising how to spend time which requires a balance of personal resources including self-motivation and sensitivity towards unfamiliar others.

“Living the moment” Seeking authentic emotion of being in an environment where ‘being and doing’ is without conscious performance

“Being a veteran” ‘Veteran’ provides a standard that has recognition within a civilian community and can be adopted or rejected at will. It is how this identity of veteran is perceived by the ex-serviceman and the civilian community that can determine the value of it as a frame of reference.

For more information, visit, or follow the project on twitter @veteransglyndwr.